Observance of General Discipline

Observance of General Discipline

In order to maintain serene, silent clear and studious environment in the college campus and to inculcate discipline in the students, the following Rules and Regulations are formulated:

  • Ragging (inside & outside the college) is strictly prohibited as per Andhra Pradesh Government Act, 26 of ….. Any such act is liable for suspension, Dismissal and Penal Punishment.
  • Students should neither involve nor encourage in acts of boycott/strike/quarrels, etc
  • Students should strictly follow the college timings and adhere to the dress code prescribed by the college.
  • Students should not possess Mobile phones in the premises of college campus. If found, will be ceased and penalized.
  • Students should wear I.D. Card as long as they are in the college campus.
  • During the interval and lunch time the students are expected to maintain strict discipline and silence while moving in the corridors.
  • Students should cooperate to maintain cleanliness in the campus. Students are strongly advised to use dust bins.
  • Students should maintain decency and decorum in the class room
  • Students should not slink or mess up others items/cash/books/calculators etc., in the class room and college.
  • Students are strictly instructed to follow the above listed Rules and Regulations. Any violation in the General Discipline is liable for punishment (such as Suspension from attending college/ Rustication, …etc) as decided by the Principal based on the recommendations made by the Disciplinary

Dress Code:

The following “DRESS CODE” is to be observed in the college premises. Monday to Friday

  • The boy student should attend the college only with College Uniform ‘Formal dress with tuck-in and shoes’.
  • The girl student should attend the college with College Uniform “Chudidhar” and “Chunni”. The foreign national study in this college should follow Formal Dress Code.


Wearing of T-shirt, jeans and shaded pants, dress with different colors and several pockets to the pant and shirt with designs are not allowed in the college premises

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