Anti Discrimination Cell


Statement of Non-Discrimination

Vaagdevi college of Pharmacy provides everybody with equal opportunity in to its fold irrespective of caste, religion, language or based on gender. The college ensures that every person inside the campus have equal rights and acquire in the process of offering and receiving education any act or speech that disturb the harmony among the people is seriously regarded and dealt. Any such issues if found shall be brought into notice by email to Anti-Discrimination convenor Dr.Challa Srinivas Reddy (Principal) at

Vaagdevi College of Pharmacy constitutes with Anti-Discrimination cell with the following committee members:

S.NO Name Role
01 Dr.Challa Srinivas Reddy Principal,
Dept of Pharmacognosy
02 Dr.K.Sirisha
Dept.of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
03 Dr.Y.Shravan Kumar
Dept.of Pharmaceutics
04 Dr.E.Venkateshwarlu
Dept.of Pharmcy Practice
05 Dr.K.Praveen Kumar
Dept.of Pharmceutical Analysis

Duties & Responsibilities

- The cell is constituted to safeguard the students and to eliminate discrimination or harassment against any student in the college by providing preventive methods.

- The convener of the committee should conduct meeting once in 6 months.

Women’s Grievence Cell

It consists of 2 Senior Women Professor and 5 women Associate Professor/ Asst Professor, as its members. The following are the functions of the Women’s cell.


  • To receive complaints if any, from the lady staff and lady students who have been subject to sexual harassment
  • To keep all records intact and in proper order of the complaints received
  • To enquire into such complaints and establish the facts
  • To keep an elaborate process document of each and in such case describing the methods adopted and the settlement research in solving the problem

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